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The business world changes constantly. For companies to remain competitive, they need to be more nimble than ever. But identifying and creating organizational change is never easy. That's where our team of experts comes in.

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What is Strategic Storytelling?

Remember the stories your Uncle Ralph would tell, some seemed to continue from lunch until bedtime?  He’d relate every excruciating detail of a fishing expedition or a walk in the woods and never check to see if you were following along. If he had, he might have noticed that you'd checked out 15 seconds in!

      That’s not strategic.

 What about the Facebook page you visited a month ago?  The story hasn’t changed.  It’s the same one and the responses to consumers seem monotonous, varying little in tone or variety. You’ve moved on.

     Obviously that’s not strategic storytelling.

When you got ready for bed as a child, did you actually get to pick the story?  Do you remember how that felt?  Empowering? To be included in the process—that’s an important part of reaching an audience.  That’s moving closer to strategic.

Today your need to receive information, feedback and
content specific to you requires a unique approach that says you’re important.  Anyone can spew words/ content to you on the internet, radio, television, social media, but it takes planning, questioning and attention to detail to offer the kind of responsive content you want.

To provide that type of content, it’s important to be strategic, to divide the kernels of thought from the ho-hum repetitions that bore customers and send them away.  Putting one’s message into story form in an
oral tradition is over 2,000 years old.  Now we can’t wait until bedtime for the end of Uncle’s Ralph’s story.  Today we add a touch of humor wherever possible and tighten  the message to fit today’s shortened attention span—to make stories memorable and strategic!







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 Strategic Storytelling! 
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